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Hastelloy W

HASTELLOY W alloy is a solid-solution-strengthened superalloy that was developed primarily as a filler metalfor welding of dissimilar alloys. It displays excellent dissimilar welding characteristics, and is widely used forthat purpose in the gas turbine, aerospace, and chemical process industries. The properties of dissimilar weldjoints made with alloy W are dependent upon the alloys joined, but are generally acceptable for a wide varietyof combinations.


%Chemical composition

C V Si Mn Co Cr Fe Mo Ni
(max) 0.12 (max) 0.6 (max) 1 (max) 1 (max) 2.5 5 6 24 Balance


Density & Melting Range

(Celsius) Melting Range  Density
1375 - 1290 (g/cm) 9.00




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