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Stainless Steel 316L

Grade 316L, the low carbon version of 316 and is immune from sensitization (grainboundary carbide precipitation). Thus it is extensively used in heavy gauge weldedcomponents (over about 6mm). There is commonly no appreciable price differencebetween 316 and 316L stainless steel.The austenitic structure also gives these grades excellent toughness, even down tocryogenic temperatures.Compared to chromium­nickel austenitic stainless steels, 316L stainless steel offershigher creep, stress to rupture and tensile strength at elevated temperatures.


%Chemical Composition

N Ni Mo Cr S P Si Mn C Fe
(max) 0.1 14 - 10 3 - 2 18 - 16 (max) 0.03 (max) 0.045 (max) 0.75 (max) 2 (max) 0.03 Balance



Density & Melting Range

Melting Range (Celsius) Density
1400 - 1375 (g/cm) 8



Mechanical Properties

Hardness Brinell % Elongation Yield Strength (MPa) Tensile
Strength (MPa)
217 40 170 485

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